5 Undiscovered California National Parks

Top California Day Trips & Weekend Tours, Summertime is a busy trip time and it looks everywhere that you complete it. Instead of traveling with everyone for the beach or Yosemite, try one of several beautiful and rare California National Parks.

Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon

Less busy than Yellowstone, there are two separate National Parks managed as Sequoia National Park and Kings Canine One, which means that you only have to pay an entry fee for both. The Sequoia National Park is actually an undiscovered California treasure. In the park you find the world’s largest tree, the General Sherman Tree; Mount Whitney, the highest point in neighboring United States; The second largest free-range forest area in the United States, and the Sierra-rich meadow Crescent Meadow, John Muir, named Sierra’s Jewel.

Channel Islands National Park

Each island has its own spatial plants and animals, which are leading to the Channel Islands, often called the Galapagos of California. More than 2,000 species of plants and animals can be found in the park, including Santa Barbara’s Point Concept, along with the Southern California coast, which comprises eight-channel islands, which is located north of Los Angeles. This park is full of light, never full and beautiful throughout the year. Fall is the best time to visit this California National Park because blue and humpback whales can be seen for migration.

Death Valley National Park

One of the strongest provinces in California, Death Valley is a geological wonder that is full of exposed rock and sparse vegetation. With 3.4 million hectares, Death Valley is the largest national park in the adjacent US. From Furnace Creek to Badwater, an 18-mile drive is a must, along with the ride you will see spectacular salt structures, colorful views and the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere.

Shasta Mountains

According to John Muir, the beauty of Mount Shasta turned his blood into wine. Located in northern California, Mount Shasta is the largest volcanic peak in the nearby United States, a tower situated at the highest point in the world. Snow-mounted mount Shasta has the background of miles to explore mountain lakes and rivers, majestic forests, and many skiing, snow, fishing, golf, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking.

Joshua Tree National Park

Located in southeast California, there are two deserts in Joshua Tree National Park, each of which has an ecosystem, whose properties are predominantly determined by height. This California National Park gives its name to look unique, Joshua Tree, which can be found in the high, slightly cooler Mojave Desert. In the geologically unique landscape of the area, there are hills of bare rock, which are divided into loose clouds which make this area great for rock climbing and scratch man. All are from the Joshua Tree National Park overlooking Barker Dam, Keys View, Coachella Valley, and Salton C, Birdwatching, and Hidden Valley (not dressing).

Jillian Skylar makes it easy and provides its 5 unnamed National Parks in California. You can enjoy your holidays in those national parks. To get free part mini-courses, visit the Channel Islands National Park website.

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